Thursday, June 01, 2006

Surf is Up!! Erik's HS Grad Party at Beach, 5/21/06

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Look at Erik standing on the cake, nyuk' nyuk'
Jeff Young and Son Ryan; Jeff is Darren's best friend since elem school days

  • Head Party Organizer
  • Head Party Worker
  • "Love of My Life"
  • Only Women who would ever Marry Me
  • Women I take orders from
  • Women I get my pocket change from
  • Women who is going to ball me out for writing all this

    While Jimi was "stealing the show," Erik was receiving lots of presents and sneaking large chunks of the cake (not)

Brisket, chicken, beans, potato salad (deliciously made by Chris' sister, Angie Mendoza), birthday cake and the trimmings helped us celebrate the graduation of Erik Cruz Hoff. Trivia Fact: Bob graduated from HS when his Dad (John Francis Leslie Hoff) was 43; when Erik graduated, Bob was one day away from his 59th birthday

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