Monday, September 27, 2010

Who is this woman?

          She's Mrs. Shail Mohan, resident of India, a co-blogger, friend of the family, and supporter or this blog.
On 10/3/07 she commented on Jimi blog:
Jimi's dancing is adorable!!..and Bob!! The self -portrait is absolutely wonderful!! :D I loved the “cuuute” cow!
'Twas wonderful going through the pictures and your comments Bob! Jimi is adorable in all of them. His braid is beautiful and suits him!! :D Thank you for sharing the pics. (11/16/07)
I do enjoy your Jimi blogs…Bob. Jimi looks cute as ever. Chakara umma for him. (2/1/08)
This lady has an MA in Economics and chose to work at home as a Homemaker to provide for her husband and two sons personally.
Wow the Iron Man in his bicycle buggy wheels!! :D shail one Great!!Bob that was a very flimsy excuse from your Dad for not getting you anything!! Hahaha!! The things Bob comes up with!! :-))))))Lovely photos and thank you for sharing. (6/04/8)
Happy Father's day to Darren and also to you, Bob!! (6/21/08)
Awww.... that was just wonderful. I felt I was at the party myself!! Bob you are real funny when it comes to captioning pictures, I really enjoyed reading them.Many many Happy returns of the Day to darling Jimi!! God bless him and the wonderful people around him. (7/9/08)
I like the way Darren is encouraging you! *encourages Bob by joining Darren in laughter* What a shame tat you couldn't make it to the US Olympic team! :-( I could have proudly shown off my friend Bob the Olympic Winner balancing!! ;) BTW Bob, you ARE funny (9/14/08)- refers to me trying shail close up at fishermans wharf (Large) without success to balance on children’s playground equipment down by the river.
Aww.... he is the cutest ever. Hugs to Jimi! (11/6/08)
Happy Birthday Sally*, from a friend of Bob's. BTW he is a great guy! :-) (12/27/08) *Echavarria, one of Jimi’s aunts
Wow what deft* moves!! Gramps' encouraging cries in the background sure helps I guess!! ;-) *Bob’s audio direction on video clip of Jimi’s Ku Fu sword skills (1/19/09)
Wow!!! What a cool page Bob! Thanks for sharing the photos. You are right about the early bird losing the most sleep. I am always doing that! :P (1/29/09)
Bob, you are so funny (Am I repeating myself??) Haha, lost your marbles indeed.Skateboarding seems extremely risky to me who is not a Skateboard Champion either! Hmmm... go find that 'hiding in plain sight' picture Bob! :D (2/18/09)
The sisters (Chris’—Helen, Angie, Lorina, Rose Ann) rock. But Chris has the best smile!! (do tell her!) (3/7/09)
Enjoyed reading that and seeing the pics Bob! Thanks for sharing my friend!!  (3/25/09)
That was such a delightful post Bob! Ha-ha your humor is quite enjoyable. Digital photography is a boon, isn't it?? Jimi looks adorable in all the photos! (5/10/09)
OMG!!! I can't believe I missed commenting on this sweetest of posts!!!! Belated Happy Anniversary my dear friend. may you and Chris have many more!! You both are my favorite couple. Love and hugs to both of you, not to mention little (fast growing) Jimi!! (1/14/10)
DSC05812 (Large) That was nice reading about Jimi's first flight. Thanks for sharing the photos Bob. They are awesome. :) (7/17/10)
So just who is she? She is Shail Mohan, a superb human being who expands the horizons of people in her life, while constantly expanding her own horizons.
Although we live in different countries (she lives in southern India and I live in southern New Mexico), we are blogger friends with some similar interests: writing, reading, humor, movies, common friends, computers etc. I am so glad that I have gotten to know her on-line over the past several years. Besides being a wonderful person, she is a person that I can ask the help of (say on computer questions or another topics)—and she patiently helps.
She writes different genres, including poetry at  Shail's Nest and is an excellent writer. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and caring about the world around her—and beyond.
She is basically a “Human Resources Person.” I am very pleased that our family has her as a friend.
Thanks, Shail.
jimi at cave picnic (Large)
September 18, 2010


Shail said...

O wow Bob! You made a post of my comments!! Thank you so much dear friend. :) You and your family, especially little Jimi, all of you are dear to me :)
Once again thank you so much Grandpa Hoff. Oops is that Bob shaking a stick at me for calling him Grandpa?? :D :D :D

Bob said...

Shail, my dear friend-- For Jimi, Chris, and I, our "wow" has been your comments AND your great friendship and support.

I cannot shake a stick at you for being called Grandpa. As I once read somewhere, "if the shoe fits, wear it.

Your Friend, Bob

Shail said...

Bob, you are funny as ever. By the way, I have done Masters in Economics Bob, not English! :D

Indian Home Maker said...

Bob I agree with everything you have said about Shail :) I too love the way she writes, honest, forthright and very versatile.

Shail said...

I am back to take another look at my friend Bob's blog on me! :D

Usha Pisharody said...

On the dot, on everything you say of Shail. An exceptional person who has touched many lives, many hearts by just being herself: Unputdownable and upbeat :)
Loved this!

Anonymous said...

I agree Bob...She is a genuine, warm person. You can feel that in her voice, in the way she writes and shares herself with us.

Ritu said...

Oh I love this. I live in north India, and she has touched my life. My son met her once and has become a friend too. To meet her is to be a friend for life

sridevi datta said...

Yes totally agree about her energy , enthusiasm and versatility ....and ofcourse she is one brilliant photographer ! Even I love her comments :) They speak to me :)

Punam said...

And so she deserves! A gem of a person. :) Such a wonderful post for an amazing lady. I love and respect her stand on a lot of matters and believe she is very sensible in her approach towards life and such matters.