Monday, November 06, 2006

"Let the Bicycle Rides Begin, You All"

Sunday afternoon, November 5, 2006,12:00 p.m., Avelina's birthday (Happy Birthday!)Erik and Bob back from Mass (everyone else went Saturday evening), Damu out back barking at squirrel on telephone wire (squirrel laughs at Damu)Dallas v. Redskins football on t.v., Chris cooking fajitas, then sumptious lunch dinner, dishes to do, naps to be slept, the home computer network to be figured out and fixed; Darren and Jim go to Wally World (Walmart) and gets a bike seat for Mr. JVCH and-- get this--a Sesame Street bike helmet for him as well. Jimi loves "street" as he calls "Sesame Street and his favorite two characters are Elmo and Cookie Monsters ("me love cookies, yeah, yeah, yeah!)

Chris is washing the car while I try to put the computer into "apple pie" (or any other kind of) order. She comes in to ask me to go outside and see something. I grab my trusty camera just in case I "might" want to take a couple shots, and darn if I didn't want to.

Jimi and Darren--the Pancho and Lefty of Sandia Street and Avenue B and Greene Street.

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