Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Gadjets added to Jimi's Page

Jimi asked me to add a couple of gadjets to the bottom of his page. Check them out.
If in going to it you leave the page, I hope that you can use the reverse arrow to
come back if you want to.





I wanted to send this and Sally's blog to Yvette (sp), the mother of
the girl below, but I lost her business. Can anybody give me her email
address please?


Jimi is now in hi "Yo Gabba, Gabba" phase. He particularly likes the
"Car" Episode and we havewatched it more than 3.75/ times all my toes
and fingers or so it seems.


Remember that more than any other animal, the early bird loses the most sleep.

1 comment:

shail said...

Wow!!! What a cool page Bob! Thnaks for sharing the photos. You are right about the early bird losing the most sleep. I am always doing that! :P