Monday, January 18, 2010

“Help that man to see”

Monday, January 18, 2010

Last night during the news our four and a half year old grandson Jimi was playing Legos (and soldiers and cars and guns)in the living room while the television was on. Grandma was with him watching the news and working a crossword puzzle during the commercials.

One story involved a man driving down a highway somewhere when he approached a semi-truck coming in the opposite direction. The reporter explained that a chunk of ice blew off the truck and crashed into the man’s car hitting and breaking a hole in the windshield. The ice chunk shattered glass all over the driver cutting him in many places, including his eyes. The reporter added that the driver’s vision might be hurt.

Later in the evening before Jimi went to bed, Grandma and he were saying their prayers, he said, “Grandma, please tell God to help that man’s eyes be alright. Up to that point Grandma had no idea that Jimi had even heard the story of the man’s plight earlier in the evening, but he had “both seen and heard” and he was concerned.

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shail said...

Children are so observant! And Jimi cares too. What a wonderful child he is!