Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, How old were you when you did your first flip off a diving board?

I’ll answer the above question first. After I had been a lifeguard for a summer at Brookley Air Force Base in Mobile, Alabama
Brookley AFB, Mobile, Alabama
at the age of 16 and for two years at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico (ages 17 and 18)
Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis, New Mexico
to the best of my memory, I had no intentional flips off a diving board.
The above is my backstory for the story of Jimi’s first flip off a diving board; Chris and I saw four flips a couple days ago. His Dad Darren saw a couple flips several days before that.
Anybody who reads this blog about Jimi knows , that my grandfather pride aside (and it is never really asideo(*Z*)o , grandson Jimi seems to have a well-developed athletic prowess for his five years of age (or truth to be known, for any age).
His mother Victoria Campos played basketball and ran track, among other things in high school. His Dad Darren played some soccer and his Uncle Erik is still, at age 22, a great, and long-practicing skate-boarder. His Uncle Jose (Victoria’s brother) played high school basketball as well as playing baseball.
In short, Jimi’s Mother’s and Father’s family both have many examples of great athletes so he comes by his athletic skills honestly, if you will.
But I seem to digress. A couple days ago I took these pictures of Jimi who will be six on June 27, 2011. Here is what I wanted to show you:
jimi flipped off the board four times today_bravo
Mr. 5-year old did this 4 or 5 times just a couple days ago. Grandma Chris is near at hand in the foreground as is Grandpa/Photographer Bob in his suit while the pool lifeguard is also close on her lifeguard chair.
jimi leaping high with onlookers-1 cropped 061011

chris and jimi along poolside
jimi getting out of the pool_again
jimi practicing his back float
swimming on back
chris swiming

another flip_wow
jimi walking on water and lifeguard in background 6-9-2011 2-00-32 PM
With the lifeguard watching from her chair, Jimi appears to be “walking on water,” no?

jimi leaping off the board kinda forward 6-9-2011 2-04-28 PM
Jimi tilted the picture on this one—
bob at pool with chris and jimi_edit 6-9-2011 2-59-35 PM 365x384
Bob, Proud to be Jimi’s Grandpa. I know you can tell—Surprised smile

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