Sunday, October 09, 2011

6/7/11, 6:59 p.m Bob, Jimi, Darren, Erik

I have never ever had this happen before. I uploaded
the above picture, and in the process, it comes up three
times (on one try). I think that Window's Live Photo is alive,
liked this snap, and decided on it's own to give me the three
copies. It is a really good pictures of the two sons and
grandson, but how do we account for the stern presence
of the Grandpa/Fathja? Go figure and no slide rules allowed.
Hint: once tussling with wife she hauled off and upper punched
a few frontal teeth right out of my mouth.
Seriously, you all


1 comment:

Shail said...

Hahaha Bob. Windows Live Photo does seem alive and knows multiplication too! ;)
What? You got a few frontal teeth punched out?? By Chris the Gentle?! ;) Lemme check with her first! :D

Lovely picture by the way :)