Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jimi, Five days short of being 11 months old

Is This a Beautiful Baby or Not?

In the "Jimi is progressing very fast in his social skills department:"

A couple days ago Chris was starting to put a load into the washing machine and Jimi picked up a near empty bottle of laundry detergent and tried to hand it to her, saying "here."

We also taught him to go and get his own diaper a couple times. (and it was on the roof and he didn't have a ladder--not really) Now, if he would only change his own diaper, no?

He is very familiar with picture-taking opportunities and seems to enjoy having his picture taken.

He likes to share his food with others, be they humans or our dog.

He is a loverboy and most of the time likes to kiss, though one day he seemed to be in the mood to try to kiss the dog and turned my several attempts down flat.

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