Monday, June 12, 2006

22 Years Old Darren John Hoff Did Become on June 11th

Birthday Man and Birthday Chef--
"Chef Jeff A' Dee-lite"

The menu was hamburgers, hot dogs, brat wurst (all barbequed wonderfully by Darren's brother Jeff), pasta salad, beans, salsa, and birthday cake. Thankfully, the weather was cooling off.

Darren's Mom organized and prepared the front yard festivities, with the major assistance of Chef Jeff.. Dad asked if he could help prepare and helped by buying ice, staying out of the way, patrolling the fringe of the activities, taking pictures, looking for chairs, and ocassionally picking up one of the itsy-bitsy kids who had slammed into a tree or something. He also told jokes, convulsing those who could hear him (not many). As a surprise to his beautiful wife (Bob is currently in the doghouse for not staying within his postion description as a "husband"), Bob also had an incognito reporter from Martha Stewart Living at the what some people are calling the event of the night on Sandia street.

Whoops--wrong picture on the right. That was Saturday afternoon.

I kinda wished that it had hailed on Sunday; then we wouldn't have had to buy so much ice, no?.

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