Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jimi's First Haircut--A Week Short of Being 33 Months Old

March 20--an historic day already. On this day in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur vowed to return to the Phillipines since he had to leave before his work in World War II there was done. In 1945, Pat Riley, one-time coach of the NY Knicks, LA Lakers, and Miami Heat was born on that day. Actor William Hurt was born on that day in 1950. In 1957, Spike Lee was born. In 1967, AJF Moody became the first U.S. Army general to die in Vietnam. In 1969, Beatles John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar. In 1972, 19 mountain climbers were killed in an avalanche on Japan's Mt. Fuji. In 1990, singer Gloria Estefan breaks her collarbone in a bus accident. In 2003, Invasion of Iraq by American and British led coalition begins without United Nations support and in defiance of world opinion.

And on March 20, 2008, Jimi gets his first haircut.

.PhotobucketJust after high noon we walked into the hair cutting salon, ready for Darren and Jimi's 12:15 appointment. Darren, who needs a haircut himself, is using that opportunity to get one and to model for Jimi how big boys get their hair cut. While Darren is in the chair, Jimi relaxes on some of the furniture when he isn't scooting around, managingPhotobucket to elude my frenzied, frustrating, fatiguing, and largely futile attempts to nab him as he flies by me. Darren glances at me as if to say, "I thought that you said you would control him Dad."

PhotobucketJimi keeps a close watch on what is going on with Darren and then Jimi has his turn to get up in the chair on a booster seat.Photobucket

Jimi is reflecting on the concept of his first haircut and how it might influence his self-concept etc., and decides that since he is already up in the booster chair that he is going to git er' shorn Jimi the cable toddler speaking).Photobucket There is no turning back now. The cutting, snipping, shearing starts and in the background Darren and Gramps wince a little and grind their teeth a tad.

Of course, Jimi is a trooper and takes the haircut very maturely. Before the haircut started, Jimi did look a little nervous in his eyes or was that Darren and I looking nervous in our eyes.

Photobucket Barbara, an accomplished hair stylist, of course, does a very thorough and professional job. Here she prepares to examine Jimi's neck hairs, first upsweeping his golden locks, and restraining those little babies with your basic potato chip bag clip closer to retain freshness "do-hickey" thingy.

Throughout his haircut, Jimi seemed to have a fascination for the mirror, trying out various poses,Photobucket mostly by twisting and contorting his mouth. He seemed to enjoy the effect that he was having on himself.

PhotobucketActually, truth be known, Jimi was very suave, debonair, and sophisticated during his haircut, qualities I imagine that I had when I was younger and still retain today.


PhotobucketPeek-a-boo, Mr. Jimi's new hairstyle!

A Locket!


"Hold me, Dad!"

Photobucket"What's the delay, guys? Let's jet this place.

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