Thursday, August 07, 2008

"I Do Best What I Do Best"

"I do best what I do best."

That's what Jimi repeats several times a day now and he has been doing it for a while.

I finally asked him, "where did you learn that Jimi?"

He replied, "from my teacher."

"Which teacher?" I asked.

"From my school--Shining Stars."

When I asked for confirmation he said no, not Shining Stars. But then said something that sounded like it to me, but I wasn't wearing my hearing aid at the time.

When he says this, he reminds me of a very small motivational speaker. I love to hear him say it.

Now I am teaching him to point to his own head and to say, "When I think best," and then point to his own mouth and say, "I talk best." This is a lesson that while I have known it for years, I still struggle to apply on a daily basis.

Mail your suggestions to by August 15, 2008. First Prize Winner may take Chris and I and as many people as we invite out to dinner, picking up the tab, the tip, and without whining.

Second Prize Winner will receive from Bob Hoff, former Park Historian, "free directions to the caverns."

Hurry; if you think too much about the details of this contest, you may not enter after all.



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