Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Playground Performers--Jimi and Gramps!!!

Jimi did great on this balance beam at the "Project Playground" here in Carlsbad. When I tried walking on it, I fell off sooner than immediately. I will "try" to find that .avi video file (Darren took the video; it is "somewhere" on my camera; now where is my camera?) and process it at ""

Jimi loves to view video of himself and the family, often wanting "numerous repeat showings."

As you saw above, Jimi walked across the "balance beam" at Carlsbad's "Project Playground" one time and was returning his second time when he slipped off at the end.

So I tried to see how many I could do and I slipped off right away because I wasn't really ready when I started. Also Darren, who of course wanted his son to win, had spun me around 75 times with my Boston Red Sox hat pulled down over my eyes.

Just when I got up on the apparatus, Darren whispered (which is why you can't hear it, "rattlesnake" and I fell off, lunging forward, almost cracking my noggin on the wooden structures just inches away from where I tumbled off in a high speed twist of uncontrolled velocity.

Jimi, bless his heart, immediately ran over to start to do a new trick so that it looked like I meant to do that. If you study the video closely, you can see that I am really throwing myself off on purpose in order to stroke Jimi's ego.

That is Darren encouraging me by laughing in the background of the video.

I do want to point out that there is 58 years of age difference between Jimi and I and that I have been unbalanced since the late 1960s, but rest assured, I would never make any excuses. I did what I had to do, as I wasn't capable of any other alternative. Clearly, being the stuntman for Chuck Norris for all those decades, I expected more of myself.

I think that the "leaking" of this video is ultimately what kept me off the U.S. Olympic team, but don't you think that Jimi should have made it?


Shail said...

I like the way Darren is encouraging you! *encourages Bob by joining darren in laughter*
What a shame tat you couldn't make it to the US Olympic team! :-( Icould have proudly hown off my friend Bob the Olympic Winner balancing!! ;)

BTW Bob, you ARE funny!

Shail said...

Oooh! I seem to be hungry in the morning. I have inadvertently swallowed a 'h' and then an 's' too!! And even some space as well!! Hmm... *goes away to replenish lost energy with something solid other than virtual alphabets*