Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jimi Photographer Trainee: Grandpa very Proud of his Progress

This post is dedicated to Jimi's Uncle Jeff who Jimi hasn't seen for four months and who he really misses. I know that Uncle Jeff misses Jimi like we all miss Uncle Jeff.

Some notes: check out Darren's blue eyes, not the spitting image of Jimi's "green" eyes. I have greenish gray I am told, Uncle Jeff has the prettiest blue eyes (says Mom and Moms always know) and Uncle Erik has brown eyes

The better part of Damu the mys
tery dog.

Partial pix of Bob in his "wifebeater" shirt.

A good picture of Erik and Grams in the background. Another good one by Daddy Darren (or my Darren as Jimi calls him) Remember these are being taken by a three-year old. Aren't they great. Everytime he shoots, he improves. What a guy!

This post is dedicated to Mr. Jeff Hoff. We love you son!!

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Jimi is an excellent student, paying attention and taking advice, and giving me feedback.

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