Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jimi at Another Playground, Strutting and Stunting his Stuff Modestly

I don't know who sponsored the building of this new playground down by the Pecos River (which probably is a reminder that I should read the local newspaper more carefully), but it is a neat playground. Darren and Grandpa Abel took him the day it opened, then Darren and I took him a while later.

If you have read this blog for the last three years (over 50 posts) you know that I am always bragging about what an athlete Jimi has been from the very beginning. In fact, he is one of my sports heros; check out a few of these videos, now would you?

Some pix-- First, Jimi balancing himself. What a guy!!


Here is a woman watching her kids while Darren watches Jimi and I take a group shot hoping to sell a copy or two--no dice!


Closeup of Jimi on the cord bridge


Grandma and Grandpa Hoff, the morning after we got married... Soon to celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary, amazingly our looks have changed little if any :)))))))


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