Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimi Computing, Erik and Jimi Skating, and Erik Solo Skating

Jimi at the "senior" Dell, checking out the Yo Gaba site on the Internet on Feb 15th. I recently saw a link on ABC News that this show appeals to some kids in college. Recently, the show had skateboard icon Tony Hawke, one of Erik's skateboarding heroes when he was growing up, on. Jimi is pretty interested in watching Uncle Erik skateboard these days. Erik, in a diaper and showing off his chest and biceps, first stood on a skateboard at the age of 10 months. Dad Bob needs to find and scan that pix. Or maybe I have so many pictures on my computer, it's just hiding in plain sight

The pictures of me as a "Skateboard Champions" don't exist because I never was one. I couldn't even balance on a stationary one for more than .023 seconds.

Me? I was a "Tormentor/Terminator Marbles" Player, once winning a school championship in the 4th grade in Albuquerque Wherry Elementaty School.

Some would argue that Marbles is not a game of great risk. To that I say, hardy, hardy, har!! Who can ever really know if the next marble that he/she shoots with, aiming to knock another person's marble out of the ring, might not just suddenly and violently wrench that person's thumb digit right out of its socket

I bet that when Son or Uncle Erik is making these jumps he has relative safety from thumb incidents, don't you think?

Keep Jimi, Erik, or any other kid who does tricks in your heart and prayers. As far as my marble stunts and feats are concerned, don't worry about me: I lost my marbles years ago


shail said...

Bob, you are so funny (Am I repeating myself??) Haha, lost your marbles indeed.
Skateboarding seems extremely risky to me who is not a Skateboard Champion either! Hmmm... go find that 'hiding in plain sight' picture Bob! :D

shail said...

Hey the video is cooool!!