Sunday, March 01, 2009

"Comments on Early Jimi Blog"

When I did my first Jimi Blog in Google Blogger (May 31, 2006, I received a comment on it from someone who said,

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

It was signed Newloghere. If you read carefully, Newloghere, apparently writing without thinking very thoughtfully, is saying that some of the rubbish that he came across was better than my blog. I hope that for months unending until far in the future someone comes along repeatedly and gets his goat, the one that he particularly hates having been "gotten" by someone.

On June 1, 2006, I wrote a post about Darren getting his degree.

Oldtownboys commented Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

In June, I wrote something about Darren's birthday and bdfytoday said,

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

I think that my leg was being pulled in some of these comments. The day I received the owntownboys comment above, I also received the exact same comment from someone else.

Hmmmmm. Maybe this leg-pulling is why I developed gout years later, no?

Darren's Graduation Party at VFW; Jimi "closing in on one years old. Victoria's Mom and Dad (Carol and Abel) and brother Jose and sister Ronnie and her Grandmother.

group pix at graduation party

Jimi Victorino Campos Hoff almost three years
later, you all.

Darren's graduation party, 2006

Jimiand some Hoff relatives

pix: 5/31/06
By Bob 's Wobbly Camera
Pointing, Inc

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shail said...

Hehe Bob , you are funny as always. I get such comments at the nest. I don't publish them as I don't think they mean it. They are only linking it to some place. Have you checked where the link leads?? (I am assuming there is a link) Sometimes the link leads to a page they want traffic to.
Thanks for sharing the pictures! :D