Thursday, February 18, 2010

Erik’s academic accomplishment leads to family grub-down at Cortez’ Foodery

 ed_jimi_grandma_Darren_erik going itno Cortez

Erik made the Dean’s List his last semester at NMSU-C, making all A’s and completing the requirements for his Associates degree to be awarded in the Spring.

So we asked him where we could take him out to eat and he replied Cortez so off we went for Mexican food (thankfully). On a personal note, I astounded my family by actually ordering something different than green chili chicken enchiladas (does any one know how chickens get green chili on themselves in the first place?).

ed_erik at cortez_020410

As usual, all of us did a pretty fine job of cleaning our plates. Erik attacked his meal with zest. By the way, what new items did I order? Soft chicken tacos, a chili relleño, and a swordfish salad chalupa

ed_jimi hamming it up at Cortez 020410

Jimi hams it up while proud Dad looks on and proud Grandpa snaps the Kodak digital moment for blog documentation and, of course, your enjoyment and amazement at the world’s most mature 4-year old.


ed_cortez waitress talking to Jimi_020410

Waitress is married to a friend of Erik’s. I asked her if she would flirt with Jimi who always says in these situations, “Hello, I’m Jimi.”



ed_erik and jimi at cortez 020410_2

Erik takes off his jacket and digs in. Not to be undone, Jimi hunkers down to eat with enthusiasm. It seems, if you can believe this, that only Chris and I are eating at a moderate pace, while all four of the males are eating to beat the band as the saying goes.


ed_jimi and darren eating

Don’t Darren and Jimi have the dining out manners going on. I’m proud of them both. What are those people in the back starting at? What’s up? You want a piece of my bodyguard?

pobre pinata






To wrap up, I have a couple pictures left to put in-- of Pobre Pinata (Winnie the Whiney getting beat with a stick to the left )and Dr. James Hoff, my brother, and Jimi’s great uncle? Is that right, you genealogy aficionados.

Congratulations, again, Erik, We are proud of you. I thought when I got the final D+ average at UNM in 1970, I was a pretty hot tamale, but I think I was just a piñata caught in a hail storm and run over by a sanitation truck, no?

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