Thursday, March 18, 2010

“On Sharing” from; BMXing in Tejas

Your 4-year-old now
The Generous Child
Parents naturally want their children to absorb their
values. One that your preschooler is ready to learn now is generosity. As your child becomes more social, she'll be in more situations that demand sharing and cooperation. Through trial and error, and some nudging from you, she'll learn to be a generous friend.
Your child is gradually becoming less selfish, but it's still developmentally normal for him to think of himself first. How can you teach him generosity? Here are some ideas:

  • Set a good example. Offer to share a snack and find other ways to insert the word "share" in conversation. "Would you like to share this seat with me?"

  • Talk about other people's wants and needs. In the grocery, for example, ask, "What do you think Daddy would like to have for dessert?"

  • Make a dislike of selfishness clear. "I don't like it when one person takes all the crayons and won't share."

  • Praise the generosity you see. "I'm so happy you shared your cars with your cousin when he visited."

  • Make distinctions that help him feel more generous. If your child's train set is especially precious to him, explain that he can put it away before a friend visits but that all the other toys will be for sharing.
Grandpa Notes: Jimi is a very generous baby, taught so by his dad, grandparents and others.
March 16, 2010, El Paso, Texas, BMX track, Sunland Park--
ed_jimi and darren posting at the starters gate
Darren on left; Jimi on right--duh, Grandpa Bob. Each raced two races in their divisions, not against each other.  :O)


Bob said...

Your photographer shoots with the imagination and beauty and precision of someone who likes to praise himself :O)

Digital photography and editing is great fun and the cost of film is so economical.

He, he, he, ha!

Reg Reid said...

Thank you for sharing your post. Yes, _sharing_. You are very kind. I love the helmet on grandpa. It looks sturdy enough to be in the backpack of a bomb disposal unit -- minus the faceplate.

The photographer did a great job.