Monday, August 16, 2010

Jimi at Krystal’s and Marcos’s Wedding—7/17/10

01__As Chris and Bob arrive_Jimi and two grandmothers (Large)

Jimi with Grandmothers Chris Hoff and Carol Campos before wedding begins.



Jimi with the men’s wedding party and other wedding attendees.

02__jimi at beginning of Mass 





04__Abel and Mark and Jimi (Large)

With Grandpa Abel and Cousin Mark




05__Robert_Chris and Bob_Mark and Jimi

Jimi with Grandparents Chris and Bob Hoff and Cousin Mark




06__Jimi and the other ring bearer_Jimi forgot his name (Large)

This picture was requested by the two Church “readers.”




07__short cuties at the wedding

“The Three Cuties”





10__Whitney Galindo and Jimi

    Jimi and Whitney Galindo







Krystal and Marcos at the Wedding. Hey. where is Jimi?

blog use_1_K and M closeup on altar








blog use_22_jimi and maid of honor in la marcha (Large)

Jimi dancing with Krystal’s Maid of Honor. Jimi told me later, “Grandpa, I got to dance with a lot of pretty girls. You were ‘stuck’ with just one. He even got to dance with Krystal later in the evening.



Jimi rocking with others

More dancing pictures later…

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Susan said...

Wow look how Jimi has grown!