Friday, July 16, 2010

Jimi’s First Flight

Some of you know that Chris and I went out to California on July 9th to visit Darren and Jimi. We also went to bring Jimi back to New Mexico where he is serving as the ring bearer for the wedding of his Godmother Krystal Echavarria to Marcos Loera on July 17th in Clovis, NM, which as I peck away at this, is tomorrow.

We hadn’t seen Jimi or Darren (except by computer) for 75 days when they met us at the Alamo Car Rental at LAX on July 9th. Happily we also visited my brother Dr. James Hoff, who recently opened his own optometry practice on Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice, California.

We had great fun in California and I will blog some of those happenings in other blogs. Today, I recount Jimi’s first flight.

Take-off time for our 7/13/10 American Eagle flight from LAX to Roswell, New Mexico was at 4:30 PM, a far more civilized time than our 7/9/10 flight from Roswell to LAX at 7:00 AM. But on the other hand, it was far easier to get on and off the plane in Roswell than at LAX.

As much as I love New Mexico, the take-off from LAX on Jimi’s first flight gets the nod for more beauty as climbed out pass the beach and over the Pacific Ocean,

taking off toward the Pacific (Large)

passing over venice beach (Large)





After flying out farther over the ocean, we flew along the coast and then banked back over the land.

flying along coast (Large)

starting to bank back toward land (Large)






Meanwhile inside the plane:

jimi flight_pix 1 (Large)   jimi flight_pix 2 (Large)


uncle jeff taken by jimi (Large)

Grandma Chris taken by Jimi (Large)

Grandpa Bob taken by Jimi (Large)

Of course, Jimi took these photos.



jimi flight_pix 3 (Large)



jimi flight_pix 4 (Large) jimi flight_pix 5_and reading plane safety instructions 7-13-2010 6-28-36 PM 1946x1823 (Large)

Jimi played his Nintendo DS and read the plane’s safety instructions during the flight

The flight took right at 2 hours. After taking off, the pilot announced that it was 101 degrees in Roswell. By the time that we landed, it had “cooled off” to 93 degrees. A friend of Darren’s, Cooper from Carlsbad, who was visiting when we were, flew back on the same flight.

plane parked in Roswell after trip

Our plane parked at Roswell—we droved to Carlsbad and ate at Chili’s.

Jimi was, no surprise to us, an excellent first time flyer. He will be flying back to LA toward the end of July—dag nabit.


shail said...

That was nice reading about Jimi's first flight. Thanks for sharing the photos Bob. They are awesome. :)

Reg Reid said...

Enjoyed the blog, and best wishes for the newlyweds.

Susan said...

Unbelievable... I had my first flight when I was 38 LOL... seriously I was also terrified, wish I was cool like Jimi, he's my hero now. Glad to be catching up with "my online family" ;-) I've moved my blog so just catch me through the link in my profile. Cant wait to see what Jimis halloween costume will be!