Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dancing at Krysta's and Mark's Wedding--July 2010

Thought that I would post a couple more pictures of Jimi dancing at his Godmother’s  Krystal’s wedding last July. What a sport, he flew in from LA to New Mexico to attend the wedding and wore a tuxedo and got out on the dance floor and danced, He was so cool.
Jimi rocking with others
blog use_22_jimi and maid of honor in la marcha-2
jimi clapping at dance
How suave can a five year old be, I ask you. I never even went on a dance floor until I was 33 or so.
edit jimi dancing with the bride Krystal-1
Jimi dancing with the bride Krystal. Look closely to the left of the picture and you will see the young man in the red tie, Mark, Jimi’s cousin, and like Jimi, a “dancing machine.”
I dare say that both boys were crowd pleasers to the ladies, and goodness gracious, starting with the bride, and Jimi’s other female relatives and and the bride and groom’s friends, methinks beautiful females abounded at this wedding bash-a-rama.
These boys can surely boogie. I wish they had time to render me a few lessons.


Shail said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Bob. Jimi looks dashing! :)

Bob said...

Thanks, Shail, he gets his "dashing" looks from
his Dad Darren who got
them from me when I was
dashing. Now I may be
closer to "dashed," me-

You're welcome. THanks for
saying thanks.