Friday, April 22, 2011

Look at Jimi in his Easter clothes carrying his Easter basket

chris and darren 0488
Yeah, right Bob. Actually the year is 1988 and that is Jimi’s Dad, Darren, looking toddler-suavecito. Chris is seven months pregnant with Erik our youngest son on board who will be 23 this July.
For those of you interested in history, I read the other day in Wikipedia  the on some unknown Easter past the warning don’t put all your eggs in one basket  was coined. Part of that I made up.
All seriousness aside doesn’t Darren look like Jimi in some ways? And don't Jimi and I look amazingly similar?
jimishades and grandpa

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Shail said...

That's Darren??! You could have dropped me down with a feather. No... on second thoughts that's an impossible feat unless the feather is made of iron! ;)
Darren at that age sure looks like Jimi a lot!
Ahem... yep, the Gramps and the Grandson are striking a similar pose!