Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some July 2006 Pictures--and a Baby Nausea "Secret"

Check out the early July 2006 pictures of the little guy with his Jimi Hendrix shirt on. I have also seen on the Internet a picture of Jimi Hendrix with a Jimi Victorino Campos Hoff shirt on. Or maybe not. And the same baby with the same shirt with "Da-Da." We have told some of you the story how the other day Grandma Chris asked Jimi if he was "Grandma's baby" and he replied "Da-Da's" several times. He was really sticking to his story. It's lots of fun to see this father and son duo relate to each other. Last night I was going somewhere and the baby was standing close to Darren. So I crept closer and said, "Can Grandpa have a kiss?" and he planted a great big fat kiss on on Darren's lips. Sure I was hurt, but not as much as the lady I read about yesterday.

I have started reading a history of the Civil War by Historian Page Smith. The author was discussing life on the Southern plantations before the Civil War. The fathers who owned the plantations--the protectors of everybody, slaves included-- always managed to have the last word. Well, in one such family, a man's favorite daughter wanted to marry a certain beau and the father thought the potential groom didn't meet minimum standards. So dismayed, the young lady went into her room and didn't come out for 40 years. I guess she was hurt, no?

Uncle Erik had his picture kissed by Jimi like 10-12 times in a row the other day. When Jimi came up for breath, I asked for a kiss and he started kissing Erik's picture again.
Jimi and Jeffrey have a really good relationship. They really enjoy each other.

Jeffrey gives Jimi a lot of "rhythm" lessons, love, and companionship. Jimi likes to dance in Jeffrey's room

Finally: "Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?" Jeff Foxworthy

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