Friday, May 30, 2008

"I'm Right Behind You, Daddy Darren"


Grandma Chris, Uncle Jeff (don't you see his foot?), Daddy Darren (Or "My Darren" as Jimi "IronMan" calls him), and Grandpa Bob (don't you see me behind the camera, you all?) all admire Jimi in his new dandy bicycle buggy wheels. Isn't he looking sylishly cool?

Jimi with his roof zipped back so we can see his handsome face and his developing toddler biceps.

Uncle Jeff takes a full gander at Jimi and Darren's wheels. These pictures were taken around the 8th - 10th 0f may 2008

Check out Jimi's Carlsbad Desert campaign hat while Darren adjusts the Schwinn buggy. I am pretty sure I had a Schwinn bicycle. I know that i had a folding bike that could be carried that my Dad brought me when he returned from the Korean War in the early 1950s. He brought me nothing when he returned from World War II using the shaky excuse that he wasn't married to my Mother yet nor was I born yet. Hmm...........

There they go! In the background, I am yelling, "Son Darren, let Jimi have a chance to drive the bike and you ride in the buggy. It will develop his toddler thighs!"


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Shail said...

Wow the IronMan in his bicycle buggy wheels!! :D Great!!
Bob that was a very flimsy excuse from your Dad for not getting you anything!! Hahaha!! The things Bob comes up with!! :-))))))
Lovely photos and thank you for sharing.