Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day 2008, Darren

Darren, Mom and I want to wish you a very special and Happy Father's Day. Since becoming a Dad at the age of 21, three years ago, you have done an exemplary job of being a Loving Dad to Jimi and we are more proud of you than you will ever know. We know that Victoria is looking down from heaven, happy that you are taking such wonderful care of that human treasure-- Jimi Victorino Campos.

Mom and I have had many wonderful years of love for and from each other, more wonderful years of love for and from you and your two brothers Jeff and Erik--and now-- the wonderful years of love for and from Jimi.

PhotobucketOn this Father's Day, Mom and I honor the memories of our Fathers and wish that they were alive to see how well you are carrying out your parental responsibilities to Jimi in such a loving and wonderful manner.

We love you and Jimi very much and wish more than anything that Victoria was by your side to help you raise Jimi, to love you both, and to add her precious Motherly touch to your family.

We love you, Darren.

Happy Father's Day, 2008!

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Shail said...

Happy Father's day to Darren and also to you, Bob!!