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Jimi's Cousins in Salt lake City, Utah--Maz, Madilyn, and Cynthia

Maz David Wilker was born on December 21, 2007 to Jenni GardnerWilker and her husband James Wilker. Jenni is the daughter of Lyn Hoff Gardner (my sister)and Ted Gardner. So Jenni is a cousin of Darren's and that makes Jimi and Maz second cousins if I am doing my genealogy correctly.

Notice that the birth announcement says "Welcome Little Slugger" and has a bat and ball on it. Maz's name rhymes with the nlckname of my favorite major league hitter of all time--"Yaz." Yes, the one, the only Carl Yazstremski who played for the Boston Red Sox, a supreme dream team tha tI am trying to teach Jimi Victorino Campos Hoff to be a fan of. In 1983, a friend of mine, now a lawyer In San Antonio, and I traveled to see the Red Sox play at the Texas Rangers. It was Yaz's final tour of the American League Parks.

So there my friend and I are in the stands and I am savoring the prospect of seeing Yaz playing in person for the first time. My friend isn't savoring anything but the ballpark snacks as he is a Baltimore Orioles fan and his favorite player is the Orioles shortstop Brooks Robinson. Suddenly the public address announcer says, "Ladiea and Gentlemen. may I have your attention please.

Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Yazstramski was injured in the game in Kansa City last night and has returned to Boston for medical treatment."

Yaz at Wikipedia

Dashed? You bet I was. Discouraged? With a capital "DIS." Disappointed? Of course. But times change and 25 years later I am the great-uncle to a Little Slugger named Maz. I can help but hope that the dream of seeing a slugger with "az" in his nickname is again possible.

"Late-Breaking" News from the Wilkers in SLC. On May 3, 2004, (looks like yesterday on my calendar), Maz's sister Madilyn made her first Holy Communion.

Madilyn is the angelic-looking one in the first row, third from the left.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

In front: Madilyn and Cynthia; Back: far right: Ted Gardner (Cynthia's Grandfather); second from right, James Wilker, Madilyn's Dad. I have not met lady to far left and gentleman in the middle

So, what is Madilyn's and Cynthia's relationship to Jimi? Quick--the genealogy stop clock questioner is ticking. (also second cousins, no?) Congratulations to Madilyn on making her First Holy Communion. Lovely little Cynthia makes her Holy First Communion on May 18.

By the way, I am also putting many of these posts on Yahoo 360 and Multiply. I sometimes receive comments from a blog friend of mine in India, but very seldom hear any comments from Carlsbad. Hmmmm.

PhotobucketOne of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken of Jimiman was two years ago in May. I called it "Pretty Boy." I seem to remember that Carol Campos also liked it (right, Carol?).

PhotobucketJimi, swinging bat, but taking one off the face (don't worry; it was a plastic ball.

Grandma Chris grooved a fastball and take a look at the "purty" swing of this athletic toddler. I cannot find ANY flaws in his many athletic abilities. Now, Grandma Chris' fastball is another matter. She pitches like I do--with speed and inaccuracy and terror for the batter.

Some of Mark and Jimi's homies...Photobucket

Jimi just arrived at the house dressed as a Power Ranger to you later.

Take care.

P.S. If you visit Hastings looking for me, I am the handsome employee in the green Hastings shirt with used-to-be auburn-colored hair and mustache.


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