Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome Beautiful Sunny and Happy BD Grandpa Bob!!

Back on 05/05/08, I did a post on some of Jimi's cousins in Salt Lake City, Utah, and left out one by mistake.

Jimi's Blog-post 05/05/08 link

The "Cutie" that I inadvertently left out was Sunny, seen in the next picture with her sister Madilyn and brother Maz. My apologies to the proud parents.

Bob Turns 61--Birth Certicate Hoax Suspected!!


Jimi Hanging Around at Furrs Cafeteria (Bob's Choice) Waiting for " Waist Ballooning Birthday Buffet" to Begin...


Group Picture Without Grandpa the Birthday Boy


Grandma Documents the Special Event


What are Erik, Jeffrey, and Jimi looking at? Beats me.


Special Note to the women who were going to call and sing me "Happy Birthday"

May I suggest that you record the song on a cassette (or maybe a DVD perhaps?) and mail to me? I am looking forward to it. Thanks in advance,

Your begging Friend

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Shail said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures Bob. Hmmm... I ought to do something about that recording!! ;) :p