Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jimi, the “Energizer Bunny”

Look at the expression on Jimi’s face. This 55-month old grandson loves to entertain. He acts, sings, birdcalls, tells jokes, plays the drums, makes faces, and parodies other people.
ed_chris and jimi_012010
He loves to print, DSCF0020 (Small) draw, paint, play interactive games on the computer, play cards, and compete in Leaping Frogs, a store-purchased plastic game involving a revolving tree and frog launcher to put the frogs in the tree. He is clearly the best in this game here at the Hoff casa. Once we played “one-on-one,” head-to head, frog launching mano to mano. In the time I got one frog deposited in the slow-moving tree branches, Jimi shoots in, get this, 16 launched plastic frogs. He mauled me, final score-wise.
Today, he spent an hour at Uncle Erik’s house playing computer games in the early afternoon. He really enjoys playing X-Box 360 with Uncle Erik and his Dad Darren. Sometimes he beats adults on-line in combat games.
He also loves to ride his dirt bike.energizer bunny  However today, after returning from Uncle Erik’s house, he rode his old tricycle from our house  to Sno-to-Go on Church tricycle Street. He really booked it, pedaling first, then pushing the tricycle from the back with one foot on it, not at a lollygagging pace either, I might point out.
Chris ran to keep up with him while I hobbled 20 yards behind DSCF0002 (Medium) them, limping with my walking stick, trying to elicit sympathy with my walking stick from passing cars, trucks, and motorcycles to no avail.
When we arrived at Sno-to-Go, Jimi told Chris, “that (riding the tricycle) was harder than I thought that it would be.” I thought to myself, “Wait till you’re my age Jimi, and combine a heavy walking stick with my zippy-doo-dah fitness level (NOT).
He is so full of energy todo el tiempo (thank goodness). Before we left on the walk, he comes running into the study where I was working on the computer and says, “Grandpa, Grandma says hurry. Just X, X, X the computer.” (Jimi’s definition of speed-exiting Windows XP Professional)
Finally, small Catholic church he took a little rest on the pew when we got to 5:30 Mass at St. Edward’s Church. Chris encouraged him to look more lively. When I saw that, I changed my plans to l lie down on the pew as well.
Tonight after pizza, he watched some television, put together a puzzle,and got on the computer to play some Yogabagaba games.
After he donned his pajamas (he got a bath before church) he watched some more cartoons in our bedroom and then fell asleep, beginning preparation for tomorrow’s activities.
He has been for these almost five years, and remains, great fun to be around.
Bob Hoff
Copyright 2010


Anonymous said...

Jimi's amazing!! And to think he's just , what, five??
I already feel outdated compared to kids these days.
And to boot, I don't even know what an X-Box 360 is.
Which planet am I on?? :(

Bob said...

Thank you for the compliment on Jimi. His thinking and verbal expression, humor and manners, sports skills, and courage knock me out. He is so precious to our family, our first and only grand child so far. He sometimes plays video games online against adults and occasionally beats them. I can't even turn X-Box 360 on or off.

We are on planet earth. The question is: how does a 4-year old like him progress so swiftly in so many activities :)