Friday, April 15, 2011

Rocking with guitarist Jimi VCH back in August 07


Watch young Jimi go!

We’re proud of the grandson. If I published this video before, I am glad you’re getting a second chance to watch it. 


All the pictures below are also from the month of August 2007 except one from 2005. Can you spot it?

P.S. Jimi says “hi Shail”







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The labels are posting wrong, goodness



shail said...

Hi Jimi and Jimi's Grandpa Bob! You are missed Bob.
Lovely pictures. Imagine, that's the year when you chanced upon my blog! Jimi was this small and now he is a bigger boy!
The last picture is from 2005, right?? :)
Bob, please join Pepper's page on FB. :D Thank you!

Shail said...

And that's the cutest video ever. Any that come close are other videos of Jimi! :D
Aww... I do love his long hair!

Indian Home Maker said...

That's an adorable rockstar video :)

Bob said...

Shail and Indian Home Maker, thank you for the Jimi compliments. Yes, the last picture is from 2005, shortly after Jimi was born. He looks so small to me that a person would need a magnifying glass to get a good look at him. :)